The Ninghai production RIDE export Taiwan

Before inspection Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Ningbo Ninghai, Ningbo Goodbaby Child Products Co., Ltd. 400 children tricycle smooth export of Taiwan and Taiwan. Ninghai District stroller Following open up the Korean market for the first time to enter Taiwan.

Children tricycle can exercise the coordination of children's adult pedal kart legs and the ability to master the balance, the body and the combination of cartoon characters for children joy riding process. Help companies explore new markets, Ninghai Board repeatedly sent deep into the enterprise, publicity stroller to Taiwan-related policies and regulations, and careful verification production qualification. Key process verification and write-off of council focus on verification of high-risk kid electric cars materials into the plant ledger, cloth cover needle detector, spray welding inspections frequency. Meanwhile, seminars the toy standard CNS4797 GB14747 similarities and differences, and sampling for first-article inspection, under the premise of which adhere to the requirements of the materials, environmental protection, flame-retardant effect, structural safety, product logo, to ensure product quality and safety.