Clever mother let the child out of the stroller

Residential, parks and other places in the city, some parents often seen pushing a child with a baby carriage, some have learned to walk the 40-year-old metal pedal cars child with a stroller pushing.

  Modern technology gave us a lot of convenience while we gave up walking, to adapt to the function of the temperature and field survival function. Sitting the child in the pram, any adults pushed passive Road, legs missing the opportunity to walk, his hands also limited, go kart pedals and not free to touch those hard iron railing to go out, the lush grass of the roadside around the same age children hand, this is also a corresponding reduction in the opportunity Explore novelty.

Some parents might say: "The children go out to the old so holding, too tired!" Do not push the car forward, cross the road unsafe. "In fact, as long as the child can go and would not have to hold him, but do not let him sit stroller .

 At home, as long as the child can do, we parents should let their own to do it. Wrong, and encouraged him to re-do. Out of time, try to make the kids walk. Because children often holding and pushed in a pram in personality formation tend to become timid, passive, they always depend on the adult's arms, eyes, legs and brain, and can not go to use some of their own function.